Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ta-Da! :)

Well, I gazed and gazed at my lil birdie I did yesterday and finally came up with a card idea that I actually like :) I wanted to also try another something/technique that I'd never done before and decided to try my hand at covering some chipboard with cardstock. I just tried 2 letters(the word, HI) and it was fairly easy. I stuck my letters faceside down onto my cardstock patterned side otherwords, I put my glue(used a glue stick) on the bottomside of my chipboard then stuck that to the frontside(patterned) of my cardstock. Set it aside to dry and then worked on the rest of my card. I cut around my lil birdie and he came out looking ALOT better once cut out :) **NOTE of INTEREST** I had a very talented friend tell me awhile back that when cutting out stamped or other type of graphics for cards/scrapbooks/ always try to leave at least a teeny tiny other words don't cut right up against your outline.
Soooo, now my covered chipboard letters are dry and I use my Exacto knife to trim as close as I can around both letters; making sure I had a nice 'pad' underneath so I didn't cut my table. Then, I used a buffer and 'buffed' away any rough edges and viola! I now have the word, HI in pretty stripes! :) After getting my card layout the way I wanted it, the rest fell right into place with my adding some silver brads to the little flower center and 4 of the corners on my matt. I used my one and only Stampin' Up! wheel, Watercolor Joy, which can be found on page 58 and also page 205 in the Spring Summer 2009 catalog. That number is #105516.
Here's my final project:

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