Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday's Card

This week is almost over; where DID the time go? I made a card last night and here is it with how I made it/what I used to make it directly below.
I used my large oval punch which is #107305 to cut out the oval from my top/front of my card. I used my one and only stamp wheel, Watercolor Joy, #105516, for my background. For the ink(red) I used my Bold Bright Real Red. The "friend" which is stamped on the inside of my card, was made using my Fundamental Phrases, #114968. The flower(top left) is from the set, Best Kind of Friend, #114922. I added 4 white brads in the corners and used my Bold Bright Real Red cardstock. The "Circle" doesn't look very rounded BUT there IS a reason for that lol! I crimped/folded in the edges to give a bit more depth, plus I applied some red chalk around the edges as well.

When you open up the card, this is what you'll see(tho it'll be ALOT clearer lol). I just wanted you to get an idea of how it's all put together. The flower is also from the Best Kind of Friend set.
And the inside of the card IS white, I just couldn't get it to photograph very well last night and it was late and I was tired lol!

That's it and now I'm off to make another card! :) Have a great Thursday and tomorrow's the end of the week!!! :)

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