Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blender Pen Chalking--How KEWL!!

hi everyone!
I hope you had a nice Monday and that your Tuesday will be even better! I bowled last night on my ladies league and did pretty good myself BUT our team lost all 4 games(we bowl 3 games and then whichever team has the most point count gets that 4th game)...oh well, we had alot of fun regardless and sometimes it's NOT always about winning, ya know? :)
OK onto crafty stuff :) Yesterday, I got to play with another one of my new 'starter kit' Stampin' Up! stamp sets called Fun and Fast Notes(# 113500 on page 54 of the Spring/Summer 2009 catalog). This is SUCH a versatile set! It has a total of 8 stamps with 8 different themes. Here's a photo I took of this set and isn't it cute?? This photo is NOT very clear BUT if you will click on it, there will be a much larger/clearer shot for you to gander at :)

ANYhoo, I used the adorable little birdie for my Blender Pen-Chalking technique(practice as I'd never tried this technique before).
Supplies needed:
Stamp Set(I used the one mentioned above, Fun and Fast Notes).
Cardstock(I used Whisper White which can be found on page 156 of the Spring/Summer 2009 catalog and that product # is 106529).
Blender Pen(product #102845 and found on page 190 in Spring/Summer 2009 catalog).
Chalk(I used Stampin' Pastels product #105542 and found on page 152 in Spring/Summer 2009 catalog).
Ink(I used Classic Basic Black--which is a waterproof ink, product #101179 and found on page 153 in Spring/Summer 2009 catalog).
So without further adeu, here is my little birdie with directions on how I 'painted' him directly below the photo(which if you click on, it'll pull up a much larger/clearer shot).
And I KNOW that my paper doesn't look white, but it is! lol!! Anyhoo, isn't this lil guy cute? I was kinda in a hurry(which isn't a good thing I reckon) so I didn't do alot of great detail with him. I mainly just wanted to get a 'feel' for this process/technique of using my pastel chalks and blender pen.
Here's how I did it:
1) I stamped my bird / caption image with the Classic Black Ink.
2) Set that aside to dry.
3) Opened up my pastel chalks(soooo many wonderful colors to choose from and it took me awhile to decide lol) and dipped my blender pen onto my chalk choice. I just stroked it across a couple of times.
**NOTE** Blender pens are 2 ended with a brush-like end and the liquid is in the middle which is acid and xylene free. Blender pens can be used with not only your pastel chalks, but also with Stampin' Write Markers or Watercolor Pencils. Kewl beans, huh? :)****
4) Then, I just began painting my bird.
5) To change colors, I just scribbled the blender pen on some white scrap paper(some staining MIGHT occur but should not--and didn't on mine---affect the next color used).
6) Then, I painted the rest of my stamped image; always scribbling the blender pen across my scrap paper to clean it before using another / different color.
7) You can go over it again for even briter colors; also, using shadow/shading with your colors make a really neat look.
8) That's it! Then just finish up your project. As I said, my sample above was hurridly completed and was just done on a scrap piece of cardstock. I will more than likely, cut around it and then add him to a card later on and if I do that, I will most certainly share it on here with you :)
****AS YOU KNOW, YOU CAN ORDER ANY/ALL of the above mentioned products at my online Stampin' Up! Store if you CLICK HERE. :)
Have a great day and happy scrappin'!

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