Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scrapbook in a Box

Hi everyone and happy Thursday!
Yesterday I worked on a really cute idea and that is making a mini scrapbook that fits inside a small box! Sucha cute and UNIQUE concept! I'm not TOTALLY finished with mine(still need to add one more photo) but thought I'd go ahead and share it with you today.
The tut to make this Scrapbook in a Box can be found HERE at Stampin' Addicts.
This is my 'practice' one so not made with SU cardstock BUT I'm DEFINITELY gonna make another one using SU cardstock and products. I DID use my Itty Bitty Buds stamp set from SU for my flowers that 'pop'.
Here's a couple of shots of the box closed with the lid:

CUTE huh? :)
When you take the lid off, it just needs to be touched to begin unfolding as shown here.
If nothing else, will probably make a GREAT conversation starter! :)
Here's it opened up(right side wanted to stay folded a bit). Notice I have the title for my
Scrapbook in a Box in the very middle section entitled, "Our Grandkids". This photo was
taken a BIT off center lol...sorry bout that!
An overall view with that right side still wanting to close up:
And last one. What is soooo neat about this lil scrapbook is that you can put 8+ photos in it. I chose to put 8. See these 4 photos? Well, UNDERneath those(each photo 'flips up') are places for MORE photos. I just treated each photo like a mini scrapbook page using solids coordinating cardstock for matting the photos individually. Then, I added each child's name. You could really embellish these alot more and later I may add a bit more embellishments.
I tried to lift up a couple of the top photo 'pages' so you could view my next 8 underneath. The 'pages' just 'flip' up to reveal a new photo page :)
Ya KNOW what? This is sucha nice sized box, you COULD forgo the scrap pages and just seal each side of the box and use it as a box! (I think!)
So that's it for today! Hope you enjoyed seeing my newest creation and have a great rest of today and until we meet again, have a stampin' good day!


  1. I love the box. I didn't know what you were talking about until I saw the pic of it open. How cute. We made a book similar to this I'll have to show you. Thanks for sharing. I added an update to my if you want to read it.